Benjamin Donuts & Bakery - Family Owned & Operated - Dedicated to serving you & your family the best!

Benjamin Donuts is a family owned business, we offer our customers the best, delicious sweets and baked goods.

We have two location one on 7003 Bell Street- Benjamin Donut & Bakery & second on 1900 SE 34th Street- Benjamin Donut & Deli.
Benjamins Donut & Bakery we offer fresh light donuts, kolaches / Pigs N Blanket, Breakfast Burritos, Crossiant sandwiches, Asian Sweets, and Fresh Seasonal Fruit Cakes! At this location we also take Pre Orders on Korean Speciality Dishes like:  Kimchee ( Napa Cabbage, Radish, Cucumber)  As well as Marinated BBQ Beef like  Kalbi and Bulgogi (Cooked or Marinated to Cook at home)
Benjamins Donut & Deli *** Newest Location ***  we offer the same fresh light donuts, kolaches/ Pigs N Blanket, Breakfast Burritos, Crossiant Sandwiches but in addition. For Lunch we offer a Fresh Salad Bar, Sandwiches & Wraps, served on our homemade baguettes and buns.

Party Orders are available- contact us or ask for Linda or Susie for large orders.


7003 Bell Street
Amarillo, TX 79109-7008 (806) 353-1100

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We got over 100+ variations of Donuts!
What's your Favorite?

7003 Bell Street Benjamin Donut & Bakery

Sunday: 6am1pm

Monday: Closed

TuesdaySaturday: 5am1pm

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