1. Go to the Settings tab then Custom Domain in the subnavigation.

Enter your domain name in the field labeled Custom domain name.

At this point, you will want to reload this help page, as the examples that follow will use your new domain name.

2. Log into Namecheap.com then go to Domain List.

3. Click the Manage button (to the right of your domain).

4. Go to Advanced DNS.

5. Click "Add new record" and create a record with the following attributes:

Type: CNAME Record
Host: www
Target/Value: letseat.at
TTL: Automatic

Click "Add new record" again and create another record with the following attributes:

Type: URL Redirect Record
Host: @
Target/Value: http://www.example.com (substitute your domain here). Do not leave out the www part!

Make sure it says Unmasked.

Click "Save all changes".

6. That's it! Please note that you may have to wait 24 hours for the domain to start functioning correctly.